The ‘Cape’abilities of Africa – Vol I

Hey there!

It’s been a while that I wrote about Africa.

Yesterday I ran into a travel program on TV showing some golf tourism and safari in South Africa, and suddenly it hit me. I missed it over there, so why not continue writing about the second chapter?

If you need to remember where we were, check here.

Day 8 – continued

Welcome back to Part II of our journey: The ‘Cape’abilities of Africa.

Having finished the north-eastern part down to Durban, we flew to Cape Town to continue the ride.

First feel about the city as we took our heads out from the airport:

Very mediterranean-like, being a city by the ocean (and the region actually by 2 oceans!), beautiful sunshine and bright blue sky. The weather’s just great but there’s a really strong wind.

We settled to our hotel in the city center very close to Long Street and took a walk there. The streets are kind of deserted, not much people walking, not many cars around though it was around 7 or 8 pm but the restaurants, cafes, bars are crowded. The space and stillness due to lack of people and traffic is kind of creepy but there’s nothing wrong about safety or anything. We were just suggested to take main roads and not to enter any dark in-between streets -well, that’s what we do most of the time in any crowded, cosmopolitan city in the world.

We ended up going to Mama Africa to grab a bite on Long Street where they serve local food with game menus along with live African music. It was too touristy for us, but we weren’t surprised because we had heard this place from many friends who had been to Cape Town. Nevertheless, the food, the atmosphere and the service was OK. We were seated right away, the service was fast, the drinks were mouthful. Pas mal du tout!

On our way back to the hotel, we were approached by some locals that asked for money saying they’re broke, unemployed, needed help. We live in Istanbul and are used to this system. We just kept on walking. The peculiar thing was the only people on the streets were the bodyguards of the venues and these approachers.

Day 9

Good morning Table Mountain!

We couldn’t say hello to you yesterday as you were covered in fog and clouds, but today you rise right across our hotel window with pride. We can’t wait to climb up to your top!

It is said that if there’s good weather and not too much wind, head up to Table Mountain right away as you never know when and how fast the weather will change. If you’re caught up to high winds there, you should head to the cable immediately to climb down as they have to close the mountain!

We had a long day ahead of us, so didn’t lose time and headed right to the entrance. Being a popular tourist attraction there was a long cue for the cable. We waited for 1.5 hours. Gosh! We eventually changed the mountain’s name to ‘Cable Mountain’ between ourselves.

The view from up above is amazing. It is a long, very steep way up, about 1100 m high.

Having a flat top, it’s really a vast area, a very-well protected, big national park with interesting, beautiful flowers, birds, animals. You get to see the whole city, the Atlantic Ocean, Robben Island, the Lion’s head and others. We spent around an hour there, just walking, gazing around and taking some pics.

Cape Town city center is quite crowded during daytime. The residential areas, buildings, houses seem quite new and neat, the environment green.

We drove by Muizenberg where there’s the famous colorful cabins and stopped by at Fish Hoek. This is a fisher village with fine white sand by wavy turquoise ocean. We had lunch at The Gallery on the shore -a big shrimp and calamari plate with beer. Yummy!

We then headed to Boulders beach where we met the funny penguins which look like cartoon characters.


Look at their feet.

Don’t you feel like puddling with them?

And they have much more fur than I had imagined. They turn towards the sunset and sleep on their feet. Quite funny.

And last stop for the day: Cape of Good Hope National Park.

There was just 1 hour to the sunset so we had to rush rush rush. The cable to Cape Point was closed so we ran up the hill which was 1.5 km long. Fiyuw! The baboons accompanied us with their cubs on their backs. They are not the most beautiful animals on the planet, that’s for sure, but their pink buts and the way their carry their cubs were a real sight.

Cape Point was just breathtaking. We just didn’t want to leave. My husband felt like praying, I felt like meditating. And so we did. One of the reasons was since we were late and there was just no one around, the whole park was all to us. We were alone and felt very spiritual. (We arrived there around 5.30 pm and had to exit the park at 7.00 pm.)

We climbed back down and drove to Cape of Good Hope. I think I lost myself here. The white stones and rocks, the waves beating against them, the smell of iodine and the silence. Some breath meditation, some stretching and just staying still. I felt refreshed, renewed.

At night we had dinner in City Grill at V&A Waterfront.

But wait!

I have to tell you that we were almost returning to the hotel all starved.

It was around 10.00 pm only and almost all the restaurants had closed their kitchens. We were shocked! We had a great day but were so tired and hungry. Definitely needed a glass of good wine and some proteins.

The waiter in charge at City Grill took us in but was a kind of stuck up guy. At least at first. We didn’t fancy the approach but didn’t have much of a choice really. We then had a chat with him about wine and coffee, he came to his senses! He served us a tasty rare sirloin along with the best Shiraz we had so far since we arrived to South Africa. And I have captured it just for you.

Oh wow, what a long long and fulfilling day this has been.


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